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admin On February - 22 - 2013

Yesterday on Twitter I asked these three questions for IndyCar fans. Who’s your pick to win the 2013 Indianapolis 500, 2013 IndyCar Champion, and 1st time winners?

You can check back this season and find out who got them all right.

@porsche914yr74 Kanaan, Pagenaud, Pagenaud

@JPIndycar Hildebrand, Dixie and at least three first timers this year…

@dannycatsteve Castroneves, Power, Hinchcliffe

@stevewittich Young Prince, Dixie, Hinch & Pags

@RileyRoush Sato, Bourdais, Newgarden/Sato

@csnelson76 @12WillPower, @12WillPower, @josefnewgarden

@dfresh500 Hildebrand. Dixon. Hinch.

@jp_keller 500 Tony Kanaan, Champion Will Power, 1st timer James Hinchcliffe

@Indycar_MN Dixon, Power, Viso

@RickWright46052 TK, Power and Hinch

@HaGGy500 Dixon,Power,Pagenaud

‏@IndyAndy52 Helio, Power, Hinch

@MVBN15 1 Dixon 2 Dixon 3 Simona

@Getch20 1.) Ed Carpenter, 2.) Will Power, 3.) Simon Pagenaud.

@MaccaF1Gooner Power. Dixon. Hinchcliffe

@Giu_Canbera TK, Will, JR

@WhateverJoel Dario – 500, Power – Champion, Hinchcliffe – First win

@caldwellrealty Dixon, Power, Hinch. It will be a terrific season!

@sbriceland920 500 Winner: @TakumaSatoRacer Champion: @12WillPower 1st Time Winner: Sato & @simonpagenaud

@sejarzo Dario – 500, Power – Champion, Hinchcliffe and Pagenaud – First wins

@tonytellez Dixon Dixon and Newgarden.

@71Gonzo71 Carpenter, Hinch, de Silvestro

@kateshoup Kanaan, Dixon, Pagenaud

@spunk72 Indy 500: Dixon. Champ: Helio. First time winner: Hinchcliffe.

@twincheckers98 1. @RyanHunterReay, 2. @12WillPower, 3. @simonpagenaud

@ReidMyLips1947 Sentimental picks. @TonyKanaan, never won it. @h3lio, never won it. @simdesilvestro, karma payback for the last 2 years.

@DFD827 Helio, Power & Newgarden

@im4irl my wild guesses: 500-@TonyKanaan champ-@scottdixon9 1st win-@Hinchtown Only one I’d bet on his Hinch

@elgordo99 Dario, Power, Hinch.

@JohnHendricks3 @h3lio , @scottdixon9 , @simonpagenaud

@whatimthinking 2013 Indy 500= @TonyKanaan / 2013 IndyCar Champion= @willpower12 / 1st time winner= @SimonPagenaud @Hinchtown & @TakumaSatoRacer

@hermione278 TK, Helio and Simona.

@MotoM4TT #Indy500 Bell, Champ: RHR First timer: Pagenaud.

@OVelocista Indy 500: Kanaan. Championship: Power. First Time Winner: Simon Pagenaud, James Hinchcliffe and Charlie Kimball

@kylelewis1 Kanaan Hinch Simona but I think we’ll see Pagenaud, Hinch, Hildebrand, Kimball, and Simona all win a race this year.

@Jimbo_ae35 Kanaan Hinch Simona. Swiss Miss. vrooooom

@davidindycar Marco, Dixon, Pags

@IndyARL Kanaan, Dixon, Hinch.

@sklein31 500 Winner: Tony Kanaan, IndyCar Champ: Will Power, & First Time Winner: James Hinchcliffe

@groundedeffects Helio, Dixon, deSilvestro.

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