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admin On February - 4 - 2012

The company my wife Liz works for is contemplating doing a book display for a large retailer during  the Month of May having to do with The Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar. So through twitter I asked IndyCar fans to suggest their  book recommendations. Here’s the list of books. If you would like to buy any of these titles just click on the book name and you will be redirected to the purchase site.

Rapid Response by Dr. Steve Olvey
Jack Arute’s Tales of the Indy 500 by Jack Arute & Jenna Fryer
Blood and Smoke: A True Tale of Mystery, Mayhem and the Birth of the Indy 500 by Charles Leerhsen
The Indy 500: Thirty days in May by Hal Higdon
Racing Before the 500 The Untold Story of the Brickyard by D. Bruce Scott
Indy 500 – More than a race by Tom Carnegie
Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle by Janet Guthrie
Indianapolis 500 Chronicle by Rick Popely & L. Spencer Riggs
My Sweetest Victory: A Memoir of Racing Success, Adversity, and Courage by Alex Zanardi
Along for the Ride- A Love Story by Dorie Sweikert
For the kids…Twelve Little Race Cars by Scott and Judy Pruett
Go: The Bettenhausen Story : The Race Against a Dream by Carl Hungness
Long Kiss: An American Ritual by Charles West
Gentlemen Start Your Engines by Wilbur Shaw
Victory Road: The Ride of My Life by Helio Castroneves
Rick Mears: Thanks: The Story of Rick Mears and the Mears Gang by Gordon Kirby
Autocourse Official History of the Indianapolis 500 by Donald Davidson
Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 100 Years of Racing by Ralph Kramer
The Indianapolis 500: A Century of Excitement by Ralph Kramer
Indy’s Wildest Decade by Alex Gabbard
500 miles to go: The story of the Indianapolis Speedway by A. Bloemaker
Dan Wheldon Lionheart by Scott Voorhees

Thank you for the recomendations Andy Banfield @CurlingRacer, Mike Krapfl @mkrapfl, Rebecca Falik @hermione278, Adrian Rickard @rkid84, Tad Pierson @madtad1, Allen Wedge @AllenWedge, Steve Wittich @stevewittich, @RichHaus, LeeAnne Nash @sponsorchic, Katie @seeuatthefront, Charles West @texasindy, David Moore @Boiler814, Jon Pollak @Jon_Pollak, and George Phillips @Oilpressureblog


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