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admin On June - 14 - 2011

First of all I need to eat some crow. To think that a Penske/Ganassi team could be beat in Texas. I must have been delirious from the heat.

The unforgettable moment of race two happened when Graham Rahal was limping his car into the pits and Will Power came close to running into the back of him. That was close to disastrous.  I was watching Graham’s car through my binoculars and saw Will’s car zoom underneath him. I don’t even want to speculate on what the outcome would have been if Will would have ran into him at the speed he was going. That was a scary hold your breath moment.

Here’s my thoughts on the Twin 275 format.

Honestly after both races I felt let down. I’ve been going to Texas for years. It’s actually one of my favorite races to watch live because you can see all the way around the track. Most of the time cars are running side by side.

Not really liking the format watching the races in-person, I wanted to watch them again on TV when I got home to see if that would sway my opinion. It didn’t help. This year it just didn’t feel the same. The races just seemed too short. The draw portion was entertaining. Tony Kanaan’s and Will Power’s reactions were priceless. It just dragged on way too long. Overall the intermission just felt way too gimmicky and took the professionalism out of the race. Kind of like a sideshow that wasn’t necessary. I also felt for the drivers and teams. Those poor men and women looked exhausted, and that was just after race one. The crews had to do twice the amount of work. For half the points. Didn’t really seem worth it to me. I would love to hear what the crews thought of it.

When the double was first announced I wanted to see the field inverted. I was really surprised the decision was to go with a random draw. Didn’t really make sense to me. IndyCar racing costs teams millions of dollars to compete. It shouldn’t come down to the luck of a draw when determining the outcome of a race. Inverting the field would have made it more exciting because all the fast cars would have been in the back. For a lot of the local sprint car races the fields are inverted and you should see how exciting the first five to ten laps are. Those drivers are all over the place.

On the other hand if the field is inverted, what happens if one of the point’s leaders start having problems in race one. Who’s to say he doesn’t just start lifting and sandbagging for a chance to start better for race two. All of these things have to be taken into consideration if IndyCar is going to stick with the double race format.

Bottom line I would prefer it to be one race. If that is out of the question invert the field.

My wife Liz and my daughter Ashley went to Texas with me. They both loved everything about the double. They both thought the races were great and really enjoyed the intermission between the two races. Really enjoyed the added excitement of the draw. I asked both of them if IndyCar should do the same thing next year and they both said yes.

So in our house I’m in the minority (as always).

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